Beginner Level 1

explore belly dance

This class is ideal for those who are new to belly dance. Learn basic belly dance techniques and movements (like the Undulation, omi, figure 8 and shimmy to name a few) in a fun and uplifting environment. We’ll use an easy-to-follow teaching approach to develop your belly dance fundamentals and your inner core muscles: you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll be able to execute these belly dance movements! Another focus of this level is to prepare yourself to listen to your inner voice and express it through choreographed dance. You will discover the NEW you while you have fun exercising!


Intermediate level

Find the dancer in you

This class is for students with at least 2~3 years experience in belly dance. Rather than just executing belly dance techniques in isolation, here you will learn to layer and combine them through dynamic drilling and choreography: for example, combing the shimmy with figure 8 on the relevé. Learn depth in rhythm, musicality, and emotion through original choreography. You will become a dancer that has both technical and emotional artistry!